Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Little Swimmer

This weekend we took Ryan to the YWCA for his first little swim. The swimming pool is kept at 88 degrees which seemed warmer then bath water, key for a new little swimmer. I didn't suit up just in case our little man didn't take to the water. I thought it would be easier to pull him to safety and get him bundled up without having to worry about drying off and getting dressed myself. He loves the bath and this wasn't much different except that Dad was with him and some other kids who were very entertaining. We didn't dunk him under the water this visit especially after reading that there is suspicion that there is a tie to SIDS in children under 6 months. The boys swam for about 30 minutes together and then Tom went for a soak in the jacuzzi while I got Ryan dried off and dressed.
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Dan Robyn and Melia said...

You're funny! I love how you always quote something from a book! Way to go Ryan! We got Melia in the pool at 3 mos and she loved it and still loves the water. He is so adorable!