Saturday, January 3, 2009

The morning of Christmas Eve Tom, Ryan and I flew to Syracuse, NY. This was Ryan's first time flying and as you can see he was very relaxed and enjoyed reading a book with Dad. Other then some turbulence during a diaper change the flights were uneventful. Once we landed in Syracuse Steve picked us up and headed back for the border. We stopped for lunch and had a nice time catching up. We haven't seen Steve since our wedding which was over 3 years ago. Anyway, after reviewing the rules of crossing the border we headed North. I have a tendency to give "to much" information at the border which could prevent us from entering Canada. So my new rule is not to say a word at the border - it worked quite well. So we arrived at Sean and Libby's and quickly discovered one of our (key) bags was missing. It had all of Tom's belongings but more important my MAKEUP! After several phone calls the bag was located and a courier was on his way to deliver it - it seems we were all so excited to see each other that the bag was left on the curb. Good thing it wasn't destroyed by the bomb squad - I have no idea what they do with unattended bags.
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