Monday, January 26, 2009

Snack + Play = Sleep?

So far I've read three books that contradict their suggestions for getting your baby to sleep at night. Although Ryan is eating about 4 to 5 tablespoons of food twice a day he still isn't sleeping much at night. As an example I'll share last night with you. We start with reading three books, a warm soapy bath at 7:30 PM, milk at 8 PM and down in the crib at 8:30 PM - so far so good. Up at 1:30 AM, 2 oz of milk and back to the crib. 3:30 AM up, 2 oz of milk and back to the crib. 4:45 AM, Nuk and kept in bed with me, 5:30 AM the Nuk was popped back in and we snuggled until 7 AM, tried the Nuk again which just annoyed him and made him scream even louder - 2 more oz of milk and up for the day at 8 AM. The only suggestion I haven't tried is letting him cry himself to sleep - I just can't do it....

On a more positive note Tom and I actually went out to dinner this weekend alone. Our friends Lois and Jim came over so we could get out and enjoy some time together. We went to A'Bravo, a place we use to visit quite regularly before Ryan was born, and had a very nice time. We talked a lot about what we wanted to improve in our lives and where we see ourselves in the next 12 months. I was also able to make it to the gym this weekend as well which wasn't easy. I couldn't find my shoes and after tearing the house apart I went to DSW and bought myself another pair. I'm not sure I felt any different but with time I hope to bounce back. Once Ryan starts sleeping through the night the world will be less cloudy and I'm sure I'll start feeling better. In the mean time I will keep my chin up and hope things start falling into place. Pray for warm weather!
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Our Little Swimmer

This weekend we took Ryan to the YWCA for his first little swim. The swimming pool is kept at 88 degrees which seemed warmer then bath water, key for a new little swimmer. I didn't suit up just in case our little man didn't take to the water. I thought it would be easier to pull him to safety and get him bundled up without having to worry about drying off and getting dressed myself. He loves the bath and this wasn't much different except that Dad was with him and some other kids who were very entertaining. We didn't dunk him under the water this visit especially after reading that there is suspicion that there is a tie to SIDS in children under 6 months. The boys swam for about 30 minutes together and then Tom went for a soak in the jacuzzi while I got Ryan dried off and dressed.
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Winter Wonderland

I've had this shot in the camera for a few weeks to show those of you without snow what a snow blower is and how it is used. The easy part is the driveway however the bottom of the driveway is a different story. It never fails that the plow trucks come through after the driveway is nice and groomed and launches a huge wall of ice and dirty snow at the end of the driveway creating an interesting challenge of getting the car back in the driveway at the end of the day.

We haven't had much snow lately however the current snow isn't melting due to the brutal cold. Today's weather calls for a balmy 9 degrees - burrrrrrrr!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yum Yum

Last week was Ryan's 4 month check-up and he passed with flying colors. On the 6th he weighed 17 lbs 13.5 oz which is in the 85% and his length is 27 7/8 inches which is more than 100% for his age. The pediatrician said that Ryan is the average height of an 8 month old and his head control and eye contact is also advanced for his age. She urged us to baby proof our house right away because she has a feeling that Ryan will start moving in no time. We were also given the green light to start feeding him cereal and to introduce vegetables and fruits. So far he loves the Rice Cereal and carrots and hasn't had any sign of allergies, thank goodness. I'm off to the store to buy a butternut squash to try tonight. Ryan has also started drinking from a sippy cup during meal time plus loves to drink from my water bottle when ever he gets a chance. I was warned of how quickly Ryan would grow up but this is ridiculous...
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Monday, January 5, 2009

4 months & 16 days - Way to Go Baby Bean!

That's right Ryan accomplished his first major event in his life today rolling over - yeah! Aside from being born of course... It's amazing, the first time he rolled over laying flat has become part of history. Each time we lay him down he tucks his knees to his belly, arches his back, flips his arms to his left and suddenly he's on his belly. I'm off to read up on what to do next... how do I keep him off his stomach when sleeping, how do I keep him from rolling off the bed - what else do I need to be cautious of ???

I promise to update the earlier pictures from our awesome Christmas trip. New Years Day I woke to a horrible case of the flu. I won't get into the Gorey details but imagine an elephant soaked in rotten cheese sitting on you with a jagged toe nail jammed in your throat for 5 days - that is mild to way I've felt.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

Reflecting back on our time with Lynne & Steve, Sean & Libby, Brian & Jeni and all the little munchkins I find myself wishing that I could turn back the clock for a second chance to enjoy every minute together again. Although we were only able to share 4 brief days together, Tom and I will forever enjoy the memories and traditions shared with the gang. A special thank you to Lynne and Steve for making this possible :)

Our sweet little man as he enjoys a relaxing evening watching TV.
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Good Times

I had so much fun with Libby and Jeni however the true nature of this photo will only be known between us. All I will say is that the milk machine was in rare form... Although the girls are younger than me they have both been awesome examples of they type of Mom I hope to be someday. Thanks for all the great advise!
Mini T

A memorable evening with Brian, Steve and Sean!

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Bowling Fun

The day after Christmas the family all went bowling and we had a blast. Was it ever nice to bowl in a smoke free environment. The day can't come soon enough for Wisconsin to go smoke free... We played two games which was just perfect especially for the kids, any longer and I think the melt down Olympic games would have begun.
Little Stephen showing off his awesome technique.
Ryan taking a little different approach.
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Family Fun

Elmo absolutely mesmerized Ryan during our stay.

I love this shot although it is obvious that Ryan is growing up fast and looks more and more less like a newborn every day. We are truly blessed that he is a calm and happy little guy not to mention the cutest little thing ever. That reminds me of something funny. The day after Ryan was born the nurse came to check on us and I asked her if all moms believed their baby was the cutest baby ever or if Ryan was truly the best looking baby born. I was mostly joking but partially serious. I've since learned that all parents think their children belong on the jar of Gerber baby food :)

Lynne is truly the best Nana ever. I can only hope that someday we live closer or at least somewhere she can fly direct.
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Christmas Day

Merry Christmas my sweet little boy - Mommy loves you!

Jeni had fun putting bows in Ryan's hair and wanted to paint his finger nails. Perhaps we should try for a girl next time to protect Ryan from getting dressed in pink.

Ryan 4 months and Stephen 5 months are almost identical in size. We tried putting the helmet on Ryan without success. You may be wondering about the helmet... he is wearing it for a few months to help round out the back of his head. He looks so cute and honestly it wouldn't be a bad idea for all little boys to wear helmets to keep their head safe from bumps and bruises.

Wrestle Mania 2008
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Scotch Stew

I stole this picture from Libby's blog.

Earlier in the week I called to check to make sure the gang had made it safely to Kingston at which time I told them not to do anything fun without us. I would like to think that this is the crew waiting on the couch for several days waiting for our arrival. Wishful thinking but I love this picture anyway.

Scotch Stew - it tasted even better then I remember - yum!

Our sweet little elf didn't nap much during our trip but slipped into a few cat naps thanks to this wonderful chair. Ryan loved sitting and bouncing and would sit absolutely quiet for extended periods of time. It was unlike anything I had ever seen.

Jeni was sooooo hungry and couldn't wait to dig in to the famous scotch stew. Posted by Picasa

Ho Ho Ho

Our happy family not looking to bad after a day of travel.
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New Baby Announcement

Christmas morning Libby surprised her kids by telling them that they were going to have a new baby brother or sister this summer. Libby is such an awesome Mom and I'm still trying to figure out her secret. Very little whips Libby into a frenzy however one thing that I learned this trip is that Libby would fit right in with drivers in New York. Note to self - wear a sports bra when Libby is driving...

Miss Suzie Homemaker aka Jeni made yummy cinnamon roles Christmas morning. Seriously they melted in your mouth - yum-o-lish-ous.

Sweet little Taylor in her princess dress on Christmas morning.

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Christmas Morning

Christmas was amazing. The last Christmas I remember was the year Mom passed, she passed away the first part of December so the spirit of Christmas had almost been forgotten at this point in my life. The weird thing is that I didn't even know it until reflecting back on our trip for the blog. Of course I've celebrated Christmas since then but the holidays weren't anything real exciting other then getting time off of work and for years it also included going to the movie theatre to avoid the crowds. Sad... Anyway this year was extra special not only was it wonderful to spend it with the family but Lynne and Steve continue to practice all the same family traditions from new PJ's and the Nativity on Christmas Eve, to unopened Santa gifts, Scottish Stew for breakfast and a yummy turkey for Christmas dinner. The very best part of the day was feeling the excitement of the kids and watching their cute little faces light up as they opened their gifts and stockings. Although Ryan didn't quite understand the day he had a ball watching his cousins. Just a week prior to Christmas Ryan really starting reaching and holding things which made playing with his own toys so much more fun.

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