Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Morning

Christmas was amazing. The last Christmas I remember was the year Mom passed, she passed away the first part of December so the spirit of Christmas had almost been forgotten at this point in my life. The weird thing is that I didn't even know it until reflecting back on our trip for the blog. Of course I've celebrated Christmas since then but the holidays weren't anything real exciting other then getting time off of work and for years it also included going to the movie theatre to avoid the crowds. Sad... Anyway this year was extra special not only was it wonderful to spend it with the family but Lynne and Steve continue to practice all the same family traditions from new PJ's and the Nativity on Christmas Eve, to unopened Santa gifts, Scottish Stew for breakfast and a yummy turkey for Christmas dinner. The very best part of the day was feeling the excitement of the kids and watching their cute little faces light up as they opened their gifts and stockings. Although Ryan didn't quite understand the day he had a ball watching his cousins. Just a week prior to Christmas Ryan really starting reaching and holding things which made playing with his own toys so much more fun.

Ryan and Daddy in their new Christmas PJs!Posted by Picasa

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