Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ice Walk 09

I've now figured out how to upload video from our Flip video. This was taken last month so Ryan isn't true to size. Our cargo in the under compartment was suffering from frozen toe syndrome...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Little Bean

We tried Ryan's sun gear out this weekend and he loves his glasses. Every time the glasses went on he would open his eyes as big as possible which was hilarious. I figure if we start believing spring is about to happen any day it will - isn't that they whole theory of the "Secret"

Friday the 20th was Ryan's 6 month Dr's. appointment and he continues to grow like a weed. He weighs 19 lbs 8 oz (85%) and 29 inches long (off the 6 month chart but the average height of a 9 month old) this explains the floods. We've been given the green light to introduce more foods and a sippy cup which we did a few months ago. With Ryan being one inch away from being to tall for his car carrier, the expense of two new car seats is knocking on our door. Looking back on things I think I would have gotten the seat that Ryan could use from 5 lbs to 65 lbs right off the bat instead of the carrier. He hasn't used it very long and it has really done a number on my back... We are also now taking swim lessons at the YWCA and Ryan really seems to love the water.

Today is the first day that I can actually speak and be understood. I've been sick for the past week and yesterday I hit rock bottom. If you can imagine trying to scream through a straw - that's what I sounded like - not good. The good news is that I've started feeling things slightly turn towards the road to recovery. Apparently this bug lingers for a few weeks, or so I've been told.

This is Kara's sweet little boy Keegan who is three months older than Ryan. We went over to their place for a play date a few weeks ago which was great fun for Ryan to play with new toys for the day. Kara is awesome and it's been a lot of fun getting to know each other through work but even more fun off the clock.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

6 Months Old - Almost

Next week Ryan will be 6 months old and I just can't believe it - time really does fly by. We took Ryan to have his 6 month photo taken yesterday - oh by the way don't ever go to the mall to have a photo taken on Valentines Day - what a crazy mess. Anyway, he was a little trooper and as you can see loves having his picture taken.

The past couple of weeks have been somewhat of a blur. I think the lack has sleep has caught up to me but to top it off everyone in the house has been sick. Today I broke out into a sweat so many times I feel like I need another shower. Today I was thinking back that I have only slept one 8 hour shift in six months, other than that the most I've gotten is 4 hours at a time.

Tom has been working very hard to find additional work. I can't even tell you how many applications he has submitted but nothing has come through. He has also placed bids to grow his janitorial business and continues to follow-up with the clients but a decision either way has not yet been made. We have everything crossed that something positive comes through. Tom is such a hard worker and really deserves a break - I have faith something good will happen soon.

Today Laura's little girl Olivia was baptized and we were so thrilled to have been able to share her special day. Today's message was on forgiveness and not holding a grudge. I have to say this is something I really need to work at in my life. I believe that some of the challenges I've faced in my life has caused me not to trust people and when hurt completely shut them out. It's like flipping a light switch, one minute you are in my life and the next you don't exist - not a good quality I know but it's somewhat of a defense mechanism learned when I was a little girl. I realize that people grow apart which is one thing but I really need to work on not closing the door on people like I do. Tom is one of the most forgiving people I know which is a blessing for Ryan to learn and share this quality from his father.

Anyway, my blogging has been a bit behind and I apologize for that. I hope that I start feeling better soon so I can get my life back on track and start working on things to improve the future of our family.
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ground Hog Day

As most of you know I am one of the biggest animal lovers you will ever meet. When I was a little girl I rescued a rabbit who had broken its leg and cried until my dad took it to the neighbor who was a Vet to put on a cast to help with the recovery. HOWEVER if Punxsutawney Phil were here lets say I wouldn't hold Bailey back from shaking him by the neck... Of course he saw his shadow this morning and predicted six more weeks of winter. Let's all pray that he is wrong. So one of the web sites said to list 5 things that would help keep you going through mid march so here is my list.

1) Plan a trip to see Nana Lynne
2) Go to they gym
3) Make Ryan a toy box
4) Start Ryan in swim lessons
5) Go on a road trip

This weekend we were very busy. We went to watch Katie in a school play on Friday night - she was fantastic. We almost didn't make it on account of my husbands wonderful listening skills. Bonnie called with all the details which was that the event started at 7 PM and we needed to leave our house no later then 6:30 PM. What Tom heard was leave any time between 6:30 and 6:45 and that the event started between 7:15 and 7:30. Of course we were late and had to wait until a scene change before they would let us in - so the lesson learned is that I need to work with Ryan to make sure he doesn't take after his father with his listening skills.

Saturday I spent the day with my girlfriend Kara and her son Kegan who is just a few months older then Ryan. It was so nice to see Kara and catch up on what's going on in her life. She turned Ryan on to those little crunch bits for babies that dissolve in their mouth while we were there. It was hilarious to see his reaction when we put something hard in his mouth.

Oh, boy wonder has now broken his two front bottom teeth. They are soooo cute. I've tried taking a picture but he keeps running his tongue over the top covering the little white nubs. He seems to be fine other then saturating his shirts with saliva.

Last night Ryan was up more then usual with a horrible cough so I worked from home today and took him to the Doctor. Half way through the day he was as happy and full of smiles as usual so I almost didn't go but was relieved after I did. Everything looked normal and the Doctor had Ryan giggling up a storm even with the big wooden stick jammed in his mouth. When she checked his right ear she said "Oh my gosh he has an ear infection" she was very surprised because he was so happy and didn't have any other symptoms. His right ear was full of puss and his left ear was full of fluid - poor little guy. It seems because fluid was running down the back of his throat this was making him cough.

Sunday was the big Super Bowl - I must admit that I am more interested in socializing and watching the commercials but the game was quite entertaining as well. Kirk and Arlene hosted the party for a small group of people - it's always so nice to see them both.