Monday, February 2, 2009

Ground Hog Day

As most of you know I am one of the biggest animal lovers you will ever meet. When I was a little girl I rescued a rabbit who had broken its leg and cried until my dad took it to the neighbor who was a Vet to put on a cast to help with the recovery. HOWEVER if Punxsutawney Phil were here lets say I wouldn't hold Bailey back from shaking him by the neck... Of course he saw his shadow this morning and predicted six more weeks of winter. Let's all pray that he is wrong. So one of the web sites said to list 5 things that would help keep you going through mid march so here is my list.

1) Plan a trip to see Nana Lynne
2) Go to they gym
3) Make Ryan a toy box
4) Start Ryan in swim lessons
5) Go on a road trip

This weekend we were very busy. We went to watch Katie in a school play on Friday night - she was fantastic. We almost didn't make it on account of my husbands wonderful listening skills. Bonnie called with all the details which was that the event started at 7 PM and we needed to leave our house no later then 6:30 PM. What Tom heard was leave any time between 6:30 and 6:45 and that the event started between 7:15 and 7:30. Of course we were late and had to wait until a scene change before they would let us in - so the lesson learned is that I need to work with Ryan to make sure he doesn't take after his father with his listening skills.

Saturday I spent the day with my girlfriend Kara and her son Kegan who is just a few months older then Ryan. It was so nice to see Kara and catch up on what's going on in her life. She turned Ryan on to those little crunch bits for babies that dissolve in their mouth while we were there. It was hilarious to see his reaction when we put something hard in his mouth.

Oh, boy wonder has now broken his two front bottom teeth. They are soooo cute. I've tried taking a picture but he keeps running his tongue over the top covering the little white nubs. He seems to be fine other then saturating his shirts with saliva.

Last night Ryan was up more then usual with a horrible cough so I worked from home today and took him to the Doctor. Half way through the day he was as happy and full of smiles as usual so I almost didn't go but was relieved after I did. Everything looked normal and the Doctor had Ryan giggling up a storm even with the big wooden stick jammed in his mouth. When she checked his right ear she said "Oh my gosh he has an ear infection" she was very surprised because he was so happy and didn't have any other symptoms. His right ear was full of puss and his left ear was full of fluid - poor little guy. It seems because fluid was running down the back of his throat this was making him cough.

Sunday was the big Super Bowl - I must admit that I am more interested in socializing and watching the commercials but the game was quite entertaining as well. Kirk and Arlene hosted the party for a small group of people - it's always so nice to see them both.


Jeni said...

Oh poor little guy. I am glad you got some meds for his little ears.
and he got his teeth?? yeah, i need to see a pic!

Nana said...

You are not allowed to post without pictures!! I'm glad he wasn't suffering too much with his ear infection. those can be soo painful.

Proud Momma said...

ooh...good thing you went...nice intuition! Drew was home sick today too...really high fever...hopefully his ears are okay.

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

Poor little guy! That is so awesome he loves the water. The sooner the better.