Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scotch Stew

I stole this picture from Libby's blog.

Earlier in the week I called to check to make sure the gang had made it safely to Kingston at which time I told them not to do anything fun without us. I would like to think that this is the crew waiting on the couch for several days waiting for our arrival. Wishful thinking but I love this picture anyway.

Scotch Stew - it tasted even better then I remember - yum!

Our sweet little elf didn't nap much during our trip but slipped into a few cat naps thanks to this wonderful chair. Ryan loved sitting and bouncing and would sit absolutely quiet for extended periods of time. It was unlike anything I had ever seen.

Jeni was sooooo hungry and couldn't wait to dig in to the famous scotch stew. Posted by Picasa

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