Saturday, January 3, 2009

Family Fun

Elmo absolutely mesmerized Ryan during our stay.

I love this shot although it is obvious that Ryan is growing up fast and looks more and more less like a newborn every day. We are truly blessed that he is a calm and happy little guy not to mention the cutest little thing ever. That reminds me of something funny. The day after Ryan was born the nurse came to check on us and I asked her if all moms believed their baby was the cutest baby ever or if Ryan was truly the best looking baby born. I was mostly joking but partially serious. I've since learned that all parents think their children belong on the jar of Gerber baby food :)

Lynne is truly the best Nana ever. I can only hope that someday we live closer or at least somewhere she can fly direct.
Jeni and Natalie warming up their bowling arm.Posted by Picasa

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