Monday, January 5, 2009

4 months & 16 days - Way to Go Baby Bean!

That's right Ryan accomplished his first major event in his life today rolling over - yeah! Aside from being born of course... It's amazing, the first time he rolled over laying flat has become part of history. Each time we lay him down he tucks his knees to his belly, arches his back, flips his arms to his left and suddenly he's on his belly. I'm off to read up on what to do next... how do I keep him off his stomach when sleeping, how do I keep him from rolling off the bed - what else do I need to be cautious of ???

I promise to update the earlier pictures from our awesome Christmas trip. New Years Day I woke to a horrible case of the flu. I won't get into the Gorey details but imagine an elephant soaked in rotten cheese sitting on you with a jagged toe nail jammed in your throat for 5 days - that is mild to way I've felt.
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Julie said...

Congrats to Ryan for accomplishing his first milestone! Now, I don't mean to be a miss know it all but having had 4 children i know that you need not worry about him sleeping on his tummy from now on. Once babies are able to roll over it becomes okay for them to sleep on their bellies! That's what all the books say at least! Anyways, congrats! Its sad they grow so fast!

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

haha that is hillarious!! ok not so hillarious- sucks you were sick but the imagery is great!
GOOD FOR RYAN!!! go buddy go!! and I am with Julie, once they can roll they are set! I am so proud of him!

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

True...he is good need to worry!