Friday, December 19, 2008

So Sad

The little man had his first official "sick" visit to the Doctor today. We woke up this morning and his eye was red, swollen and half shut - poor little man. Yep it was Pink Eye and there really isn't any way to tell how he got it however the Doctor said that it is very common to spread throughout the daycare system. We were prescribed drops which we've renamed "evil" as it must burn based on the shriek Ryan let out as it hit his eye. For the record he now weighs 16 lbs, 8 oz.

We were slammed with another 5+ inches of snow again today however the temperature actually rose to the mid 20s which was nice. It seemed like we slid the entire way to Ryan's appointment and walking to the front door was no easy task as the wind whipped snow directly in my face. In an earlier posting you can see Ryan in his car carrier which has a nice fleece cover with a little window that we can close when he is exposed to the outdoor elements. Anyway he now pokes his little hand out hole if the window is closed to see what's going on however this morning he quickly retracted his hand and pulled the window closed. I think the best part of the day was when I got home to Tom plowing the driveway. A patch was clear and he gave me the green light to pull into the garage. I however veered off the clear patch and got stuck in our own driveway. Blonde party of one your table is ready... After several attempts and a good push from Tom we made it safely home and in the garage. I must say that in this weather a fashion statement is impossible to make - the most important thing is to stay warm and safe from slipping and the things that make that possible do not come with frills or bling :)


Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

ohhhhh poor little guy :( get better fast Ryan!

Julie said...

So sad! Poor little guy! Hope he gets better!