Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This weekend was the Des Jardins family Holiday celebration. Tom's parents decided to leave for Florida early so his sister hosted an evening at her house. It has now been a few weeks since Ryan discovered his hands and uses them to touch and push things. His favorite is to hold the bottle while he is eating then push it away when he is full. I think he loved the tissue paper in the boxes more then the actual gifts.

This was a very long day for the little guy and I must say he was quite the trooper. He was passed around the entire time and as a result slept 6 hours straight that night - the longest stretch ever. It hasn't happened since but I am thankful for the one nights rest :)

Jeff and Bonnie have been wonderful to Ryan and very supportive throughout our entire parenthood journey. As you can see Ryan enjoying a fun new toy which he really needed. Anything with sounds, music, flashing lights and moving parts is an all time favorite.

Brad, Bri and Tom's Dad enjoying the festive evening.

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