Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prior to the Des Jardins family Holiday celebration we went to the Botanical Gardens and enjoyed listening to Bri (in the cute white hat) sing holiday favorites. They were absolutely amazing! In one of the songs they used two by fours in one of the songs to simulate the sound of a cracking whip. Every time they smacked the wood together Ryan would blink his eyes real hard and jump as the sound would startle him. The funny thing was that the crowd started watching Ryan and one man actually started filming Ryan's reaction. When the concert was over several people came over to tell us how cute and well behaved our little boy was - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this isn't just a phase but his core personality.

Ryan with one of his favorite cousin Jacob at the holiday gathering.

Tom's sisters Tamera and Lori with sister-in-law Bonnie.

Bonnie with her darling daughter Katie
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