Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Ryan and Gracee

Little Miss 4th of July

What a great weekend :) Busy but full of fun, friends and food - what more could we ask for - well family of course! Maybe next year :)

Thursday evening I finally went for my massage at the Day Spa. This was one of my Mother's Day gifts and not until I could barely walk did I decide to schedule an appointment. Why do women wait until something is falling off or in shooting pain to seek help? Anyway, pure Heaven is the best way to describe my experience. The therapist worked the knots in my back so hard in my back with her elbows I started to see stars. I'm not kidding when I tell you that she used all her weight and strength - at one point I actually saw her feet lift off the ground. After, I took a long hot steam shower I slipped into my cozy sweats and headed straight home to bed. Since before being pregnant this was the best night sleep ever :)

Friday was a day filled with chores, errands and grocery shopping. Working outside the home leaves very little time for errands during the week so to enjoy the three day weekend Tom and I worked hard to get caught up.

Saturday after Ryan's morning nap and a quick bite to eat we packed up the car and headed to the Boettcher's. We had such a great time catching up with everyone and watching the kids play and swim in the pool throughout the day. Linner (this is sometime between lunch and dinner) was fantastic. Dwight grilled out and of course all they yummy sides were readily available throughout the day. Deborah took me for an off road adventure on the 4 wheeler which was a blast. On our ride through the above head grass, out popped a coyote - OK I thought it was a coyote but it was only the neighbors dog - it seriously looked like a coyote. We stayed for an amazing bond fire which really topped off the evening. Thanks Deborah and Dwight for a great day!

Sunday was another beautiful day! We started our day off with a morning nap in the sun - nice :) The afternoon was shared at Chuck's for a build your own kabob BBQ with a small army of new friends of his and Nick's. We had such a great day - oh and let's not forget Chuck and Nick's help moving Ryan's swing set. With the pool gone and the grass planted we wanted to move the swing set to a better location in the yard. Unfortunately my request to Tom was not clear and it found its new home in the dead center of the yard. I was giving Ryan a bath at the time and didn't know the crew was over to help move the beast so when I came down they were on their way out. The crew will be back tomorrow to move it to the correct location :) Thanks guys!

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Jeni said...

yes I second the family next year!! would be fun!

Julie said...

sounds like a nice, somewhat relaxing weekend! I'm so jealous of your massage!!!!