Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How NOT to start your week...

You may notice that my last few posts have been brief however I have a perfect excuse. Yesterday I and a coworker went off site to plan the logistics of an upcoming event called "Mandatory Fun". 4 times a year our marketing team goes off site and participates in some kind of team building exercise. This event Paula, Jason and I are responsible for planning. We decided to go with the "survivor" theme and are planning several activities around this theme. Paula and I went to her house, which is where the party will be to work out the details of the day. Before adding this particular basketball event we decided to try it out. Rule #1 get someone else to try out new activities. Part of the game is to try and knock another person's ball out by throwing your ball at their ball. Rule #2 never throw your ball at any one's ball. So I didn't know this was happening and as I was rebounding my own ball here came another ball flying at me top speed. Rule #3 always wear protective gloves when you are using your hands for any activity especially if you have a finger history such as mine. So, I was reaching, the balls were flying and POP, a combination of a jam and crush - and that's all she wrote. A trip to the Doc, an x-ray, one bottle of pain meds and a trip to the Orthopedic equals a corkscrew fracture to the third bone in my pinkie finger. That's right my right hand pinkie finger. Nothing compared to cutting off a finger mind you but not real comfortable... I pray for a speedy recovery or at least for Ryan to stop grabbing it in curiosity.
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Jeni said...

ok libby and brian, my brother, both broke their pinkies too... it is a miller curse.