Monday, July 27, 2009

Another beautiful weekend! We cherish the summer and being able to spend time outside with our family. We worked outside for most the day on projects to get ready for Ryan's birthday party. 26 days and counting. We've had a long stretch of warm weather which hasn't helped the grass grow where the pool was last year. We have this massive patch of brown grass in the center of our yard which leaves a lot to be desired. Luckily this weekend we had a few short downpours and this week looks like another 4 to 5 days of occasional showers. We are planning a barbecue and backyard games for his birthday and it would be nice to have a well groomed lawn. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
Super baby!
Ryan loves his baby pool. He stands on the top step and at the count of 3 jumps in the center whether we are there or not. Of course we don't heat the jacuzzi over 95 for the sake of the little man - no worries!
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Julie said...

Ryan is getting so so big!!!! Its amazing how fast they grow. What a cutie!