Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Daddy opening his Fathers Day gifts

Tom, Ryan and Grandpa Bill

Tom is an amazing father. He doesn't do everything the exact way I would but I'm learning that his love for his son is much more important than making sure his clothes match or his teeth are brushed.

When Ryan was 3 months old and I started back to work part time Tom started watching him 1 day a week. In march I had to go back full time and now Ryan goes to day care 2 days a week and Tom cares for him at home the other 3. The first few months of a baby's life is difficult for a father - they need there mom so much during this time. We are still adjusting to my working full time and if I think about it too long it will make me sad.
Tom and Ryan have such a cute relationship. I think they are still figuring eachother out but for the most part they have fun. Tom reads several books to Ryan a day and especially now while it's warm they get outside as much as possible. Posted by Picasa


Jeni said...

somehow I missed these last 2 posts. Tom is a great father! Ryan is a lucky little boy!
and DONT rush the walking.... it is a pain! although cute, you have NO more freedom!
I used to get so frusterated with natalie since she didn't crawl till11 months and walk till 15. but when I look back, it was perfect!

Nana said...

I didn't even know this was posted until today. Tom and Ryan look so cute together. I'm sure the two of them will always have a special connection because of this time that they are able to spend together. Not all fathers are so lucky. Now, about Ryan, He is getting so big!!!! When can I see him again? He is not going to remember me!! What a darling boy. Love you guys! With a birthday coming up, I need to know his size too:) But don't tell him I asked:) Love you guys!