Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy Party Of One!

My friend here at work sent me this picture today of me working at the Go Red Luncheon and it totally made me laugh. I share stories about things I do with Ryan so she thought I should included this shot in Ryan's scrapbook to remember his silly mom. If anything I feel like I'm old and boring and need new adventure in my life. It's hard when your husband likes everything to remain the same. If anyone has any ideas for lighting a fire under Tom to get him to embrace more change in our life I welcome your suggestions.

The girls here think I'm quirky but I feel completely normal...who doesn't slap a piece of spaghetti on their son's head at dinner to see if he can get it off and what mom doesn't send their son down the huge slide by himself at the park like a shooting bullet to see if he catches air on the bump...?
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Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Ok the fact that flashdance came on when I clicked on yor link is awesome! Hey thanks TONS for sending the clothes for Troy. I love them. :)

Marilee said...

You are HILARIOUS and I LOVE the pic! You are nothing short of exciting and spontaneous and fun! You might just have to drag your hubby along with you and give him NO choice. Whether he realizes it or not, that's probably one of the things he loves most about you!!! I know I do! :-)

Jeni said...

haha you are so funny Bon!
and when I read the spaggeti thing, I could just picture you doing it. nice.

Julie said...

hahahahaha! That is so funny. Try giving him pop or lemonade just to see the face he makes. That's one of my favorite things to do!!!