Friday, March 20, 2009

New Baby Girl

This darling picture of Drew, Ryan and Brayden would not have been possible without a good old fashion threat. For some reason the boys weren't real comfortable around their cousin. By the end of the trip they were fine but it took some time for them all to warm up with each other.

I was so excited to go with Libby for her ultrasound on Friday. Lynne, Sean and I were all convinced it was a girl but Libby was sure she was having a boy. Well guess who was right? Not Libby :) she is having another sweet little girl! I think deep down she wanted another girl but she didn't want to get her hopes up.
Here is the cute little mommy all choked up after hearing the wonderful news of another baby girl.

Ryan was also along for this exciting adventure and for some reason decided to have a melt down towards the end of the appointment. Perhaps because he realized that he would be losing the baby Jesus spot in next years nativity scene...

After the ultrasound Lynne, Libby, Ryan and I went to the mall and then for the second time during my visit we went to lunch at Joey's - it is spectacular!

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