Monday, March 9, 2009

Jumping Bean

Our trip on Friday to Calgary went well. The day before our trip Ryan came down with a horrible cold so he was a bit crabby but for the most part he was a little trooper for most of the 8 hours.

Saturday Lynne and I went shopping and then later that evening to stake conference where Steve gave a great talk. Lynne had a sitter come watch Ryan for the evening and she did a great job however I was very nervous since Ryan has never been left with a babysitter especially a 15 year old girl whom I had never met... We saw Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Don and their daughter Kathy and her husband Foster - wow has it been a long time since I saw that crew - it was great. After church we went to leave and were greeted by a massive snow storm at the door. It was an absolutely beautiful day so going from sun to blizzard in just a few hours was totally bizarre.

Sunday we went to Stake Conference and this time Ryan was able to come. At the conclusion I took Ryan to meet Aunt Marilyn and then made my way through the crowd back to Lynne. As we got to the back of the church Ryan put his arms out and dove toward this man whom we had never met. We started talking and the entire time Ryan kept trying to get to him so the man picked him up and when he did Ryan wrapped his arms around the mans neck and placed his little cheek against the mans cheek. Ryan has never done this, not even with me and what was even more bizarre was that he didn't move for almost 15 minutes. As we continued talking I learned that his name was Gerry Palmer. Now hold on to your hat - - - Gerry knew both my mom and my dad very well. He was at their wedding and had lots of wonderful things to say about them both. A few minutes later I met his wife Sheila who has been best friends with my Aunt Marilyn and also lived behind my mother growing up. I can't help but think that Ryan felt this connection to his grandparents, whom I'm sure he met before coming to earth. We also met another woman who after learning that I was Reta's daughter told me how mom was a total perfectionist - not a thing was ever out of place with her or the kids. She also told me how mom kept lists and was extremely organized. Although mom has been gone for 27 years, I feel like I get to know her better every time I hear her stories.



Proud Momma said...

That's so nice Bonnie...I feel the same way...I wish I could have known her she sounds like she was a wonderful woman!

Julie said...

how fun that you're in Calgary! I'm jealous (sigh) I wish I coulda known Aunt Reta better too. I totally think that babies have that sixth sense when they're so little and fresh from heaven!

Jeni said...

I love learning things about your mom. She must have been so wonderful!
Ryan is so cute, I am so sad I can see him bounce!