Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snow Bunny

This weekend was opening of Deer hunting weekend. Tom left Thursday afternoon to head up North to get the cottage ready for his fellow hunters which included his brother Jeff and his friend Greg and Greg's brother. Because Thursday was Tom's day to watch Ryan while I was at work we were lucky to have Bonnie pick up our little rascal and take him for the afternoon. Bonnie took him to run her errands and to parent teacher conference and she said he was a perfect angel. Once she was home the kids, Ryan's cousins, had a blast playing with him and by the time I came to pick him up I could tell he was a very happy camper. I stayed for dinner and enjoyed catching up with them all. Oh I forgot to mention that night after work I popped the trunk to put a box in the back but because it was soooo cold the trunk wouldn't close. This meant I had to drive 45 minutes home with my trunk open. I think more then 10 people notified me that my trunk was open - they should really make flags that you could fasten to you car that says I KNOW... just so you don't look like a total moron. Posted by Picasa

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