Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy 1st Thanksgiving Ryan!

We went to Tom's parents for dinner. As we sat down for dinner I realized Bailey was no where to be found which didn't make sense with all the amazing smells coming from the kitchen. We started looking around the house calling his name and there was no response. I then started panicking thinking someone left a door open and he was wandering the streets looking for his way home - I called his name over and over and still no response. Now full panic set in... the only place I didn't look was in the storage room so off I ran downstairs flung the door open and there he was - he was sooooo happy to have finally been rescued. I'm thinking one of the kids went down to find a game or maybe even play hide and seek and Bailey followed them in - he was probably sniffing through all the boxes and then realized he was left behind :( poor pup!

Ryan shown here with Aunt Bonnie, Bri, Brad and Katie and he loved spending time with them all. It's funny how he already recognizes people he knows and the people he doesn't. Ryan also met his cousins Alex and Corey for the first time - their mom Lori saw him when he was born but the boys hadn't met him yet.

Ryan loves his cousin Katie - she not only makes him smile but she gets him to giggle as well. We ventured out with Katie and Bonnie for some "stress free" black Friday shopping but I actually think the day after Christmas offers better discounts. My goal was to get Ryan his 6 to 9 month clothes since his wardrobe is really thinning out. I think we have most everything we need but a few extra pair of pants until he turns 9 months. I can't believe how fast they grow out of everything.

Ryan loved snuggling with his cousin Bri as she sang him fast asleep with her beautiful voice.

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Nana said...

cute pictures!! Those girls are beautiful. Their dad better worry!! Ryan is getting so big.
what size clothes is he wearing now? 6-9 or bigger?

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

HOly, I love his hair. and they are growing so fast arn't they? I like the new blog layout! I am glad you got it figured out!

Wishing for the West Coast said...

Ryan is currently wearing 3-6 months - I hope he holds out until after the first of the year before he needs his 6-9 month clothes.

It makes me sad to put his tiny clothes away and pull out the big boy stuff :( why can't they stay small longer?

Julie said...

Poor Bailey. I'm glad you were able to rescue him! Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving!