Friday, September 5, 2008

8/6/08 – Our little (?) package

Today was my 36-week prenatal appointment and everything looks great. Junior is in the 84th percentile instead of the 96th like four weeks ago. The Doctor believes this is because I've been keeping my blood sugar under control. His approximate weight is 7 lbs., 2 oz. It's weird to report that my cervix is "very soft" and I am dilated to 1 - but it seems this information is relevant. The funniest part of our appointment was when Dr. Coussins entered the exam room with a huge grin from ear to ear and said "your sons package is quite considerable". I of course asked for clarification not knowing if this was a concern only to be told "his family jewels are very noticeable". At that point it almost seemed that he and Tom were going to high-five or belly bounce to celebrate the great news. As I sat there with what seemed like a small hand towel covering my lower region I realized this topic of conversation was just the first of many once our little boy arrives.

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