Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

Thursday, August 20th Ryan turned 1 years old. Unfortunately I had to work so the little man went to daycare. I couldn't possibly send him without doing my best to make his day extra special so in he went with a bouquet of balloons and a giant cookie to share with all his little friends. This week he moved up to the toddler room and needed a sleeping bag - no more pack and play. I still can't believe he doesn't crawl off during nap time but they tell me it works. Tom picked up Ryan from daycare and called me right away - he had a horrible bruise in the shape of teeth marks on his left wrist (again). Day two of the toddler room and the second time he was bitten. Tom questioned the teacher and her response was that sometimes the other kids get excited when someone new joins their class and acts out. OK, so I realize things like this happens but two days in a row and on his birthday - not to my kid. How about informing us of what is being done to help this other kid understand what he is doing is wrong - have his parents been notified - now that Ryan is learning to bite how do I teach him that biting is wrong? A little more explanation please. Friday I called and spoke with the schools director and she was able to answer all my questions. It seems there are two kids in the same class with this issue and a solution that was offered was to move Ryan to the other Toddler class - yes please. The next time this happens we're off to kickboxing class:)

So anyway, on to the festivities. For dinner we went to Happy Joe's for pizza. It is a family owned business with a few arcade games and a mini merry-go-round. Very kid friendly. The brought out a baby Sunday with a candle and placed it in front of Ryan. Out came a huge clown horn and the girl started honking the horn. "Attention everyone we have a very special birthday boy here today. His name is Ryan and he is turning one" the waitress yelled. The whole restaurant responded "awwwwwww" and all joined in to sing Happy Birthday. Of course my eyes filled up with tears and suddenly I realized that my baby was turning into a little man. The best part of evening was the look on Ryan's face. Between the horn, the sirens and the crowd singing, his expression was somewhere between a cry and a laugh - absolutely priceless!
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Julie said...

He is so cute!!! Happy Birthday Ryan! Enjoy every moment you can cause before you know it he'll be 5, then 10 then 18!!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! And so sorry about the biting incident. Fortunately none of my kids have been biters and apparently it is a very difficult little thing to break kids of. Moving him out of that class was the right thing for sure cause you don't want him to think biting is okay from the kids that are biting him! And I'm with the heck do they keep the little ones in their sleeping bags? That is funny!

Jeni said...

oh bonnie, he is soooo cute!! Can you believe how fast the year has gone?! i CANT BELIEVE that about his daycare! ah I would be sooo mad. and I hate how they pick up on that stuff from others and sometimes the parents dont do anything. Natalie got into pulling hair and she would be in a room with a friend and leave with handfulls. i felt sooo bad. I hope ryan doesn't pick up biting. i hOPE THE other toddler room is better.
and bon, your hair is super cute!