Monday, May 4, 2009

My First Haircut

We started our weekend off with attending a fund raiser and supporting Paula, a woman I work with in a Dancing with the Starts competition. She did awesome and came in fourth but the most amazing thing was that Tom actually agreed to take lessons together. Ryan stayed with Kirk and Arlene for the evening and I'm sure had a wonderful time. I'll need to remember to bring a plastic tarp to go under his chair during meals when he is staying with friends. Without Bailey licking up all the treats I actually realized how much of a mess Ryan makes at dinner. Thanks guys for taking such great care of Ryan and for giving us a little adult time.

This past Saturday Ryan went for his very first haircut at Snips and Giggles in DePere. Although there were lots of things there to distract our little R-man he squirmed around like a fish out of water. Every time they tried to use the clippers he would shrug his shoulders up and start to giggle - hence the name giggle. For the most part he did a great job and looked darling with his hair spiked at the end.

This weekend we also went for pictures at the Picture People but I can not release the full reason for our visit until after Mothers Day. I will post those pictures soon. Ryan was a true champ to hang in there for all our errands the entire weekend even though he was sick with a really bad cold and he was cutting his third tooth.

Ryan is sitting up completely on his own and has the strength of the incredible hulk. Seriously I can't believe how strong he is! He actually grabs my hand and pushes it out of the way when he doesn't want me to do something especially if it has to do with his nose. Tom had to help hold him down the other morning after several failed attempts. For the record two people mentioned they thought he said Momma when he reached his arms to me - so that would make a total of two words - the first being yaya which means milk :)

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Proud Momma said...

Those blue eyes are killers! Cute cut!

Jeni said...

That place looks cool! Too bad neither of my kids will ever grow hair!