Friday, May 8, 2009

Go Red Luncheon

This years American Heart Association Go Red Luncheon was a blast. It was held at the Performing Art Center here in Appleton and our company was the presenting sponsor. Instead of just having a plain old vendor booth we created a "Diva" booth where everyone who attended could get a fun and funky picture taken with friends and co-workers. These are some of the girls I work with. You may wonder why I'm not wearing solid red and the reason is because I was the point person for our company, the AHA and the media so it was easier to tell people to look for the black and white giraffe print jacket in the sea of 500 red tops.


Nana said...

No pictures!!. I'll betthey were cute!

Jeni said...

looks really fun!

myblondeboys said...

Bonnie...looks like you gals had a to more important matters...could you PLEASE get rid of the Flashdance music that starts every time I visit your blog!! My leg warmers are starting to itch!