Friday, October 24, 2008

Monday we set out for Provo Utah and knock on wood Ryan was the perfect little traveler. If anything I felt bad that he was stuck in his car seat for more then 22 hours. He was so happy and content during the entire drive but I guess I would be too if I could sleep in a recliner for two days only to wake for food and a diaper change. Perhaps that will be what I ask Santa for this year. We stopped in Omaha Nebraska on our way to see my niece Angela, her husband Jason and very cute little boy Aaron. We met for dinner and caught up in our nice cozy hotel room. We were planning to stay with them but Jason's sister was sick with 102 temp so we didn't think it was a good idea to expose Ryan to a sick bug quite yet. You'll see Aunt Kay in the picture above at the tail end of giving Ryan a bath. The minute he hit the water I ran to get my camera but she was so quick in giving him his bath that by the time I got back she was drying him off. I can only hope to master bath time like my Auntie! Yesterday Tom went golfing with Uncle Glen and his sons Mike and Terry who are all excellent golfers. Glen and his boys have a standing golf time every Thursday morning which is fantastic that they set time aside to spend together. When Tom got home and was telling me about his day it was like a kid who had gone to Disneyland for the first time. The course was unbelievable, Glen and the boys were amazing golfers and my cousin Mike hit the ball further than anything he had ever seen. He also picked up some great tips and most importantly really enjoyed his day with the family :) Tonight all the Hatch boys are coming over with their families for dinner and to meet Tom and Ryan - stay tuned for more pictures.
The first night we checked into a hotel who provided a crib for Ryan which was fantastic that we didn't need to set up the pack-n-play (aka the contraption from hell - it still takes me forever to set up) The crib however kind of freaked me out looking simular to being locked up in jail. I must also note that Tom and I both had the best night sleep EVER. The bed was pure heaven! We wrote down the name of the mattress and will hopefully be able to get one for the house.
Ryan and I are shown here with my niece Angela, her husband Jason and little munchkin Aaron. It was so nice to see them and far to long since the last time we got together. I am so proud of Angela and her positive outlook on life.
Aaron is an absolute doll with a very cute little personality. He gave us some tips on styling Ryan's hair. As you can see he is a pro with the hair product. Cutie patootie!


Proud Momma said...

How fun to be in Utah with family! Any luck you will move there?
Also...are you coming for christmas?

Julie said...

Cute little babies! How fun! I'm so glad you're here and we'll get to spend some time together. I'm totally laughing about the pack n play being the contraption from hell. I'll give you a lesson in using it if you want! After 4 kids I'm a pro!

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

Whatsup! I like your blog thus far. How is the bay treating you? do you guys miss Brett? Its freezing here today, almost dipped below 84 degrees! Just thought I would throw that in. Love you