Thursday, October 15, 2009

Face Painting

Last weekend Ryan and I went to a Fall Festival that our company put on for the community. The little man was too young for the balloon hat station so we took a crack at the face painting clown. As you can see in the picture above Ryan is really enjoying this experience. I though his having the gourd to chew on would distract him - clearly I was wrong.
This was the end result - a messy clown face...
The best part was that he feel asleep on the way home and took a two hour nap. When he got up our first stop was to the mirror - I have never laughed so hard in my entire life as when I saw his expression.


Jeni said...

BONNIE! I am soooo sorry. I have been so busy. I will mail all the pictures and dvd's to you tomorrow. asap!

I love all of these pictures though! Ryan is darling and WE miss you guys terribly!

Julie said...

i can't say that i blame him. i'm pretty sure i'd be freaking out too if a clown was coming at me like that. hahahahaha. what can I say? i hate clowns. i think they're creepy!