Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Delay in Posting

Please forgive me for not updating my post since Ryan's birthday. I have been waiting for Jeni to send me the CD with the pictures from her mothers camera. Every day I rush to the mailbox and nothing...but sadness:( Ryan is also having baby Einstein withdrawl :( :( :(

Our camera died on our trip and we weren't able to take pictures of the last few days. I was however able to pull our memory card so I will post what I have this weekend. Our trip was absolutely wonderful and it must be recorded properly.

Jeni - I am eagerly awaiting the pictures...

In the meantime this is the outline of our trip:

Tuesday: Ryan & I arrive in Calgary - Practice our walking skills
Wednesday: Shopping - walking skills 101
Thursday: Our very first visit to the Zoo - More walking
Friday: Brian arrives - yummy lunch - emergency visit to walmart - Costco - Tom arrives - Family dinner and birthday celebration
Saturday: Steel Wheels - splashing in the lake - Chinese & a skip through the drive-in
Sunday: A day to rest
Monday: National Lampoons vacation to Lake Louise and Banff
Tuesday: Elbow Falls - Visit with Ian and Liz - Girls night out!
Wednesday: Our flight home

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Proud Momma said...

sounds like fun...sad I couldn't have been there:(