Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Snack Time

It's crazy how many things our little man is eating these days. I can't think of anything he hasn't tried. I'm not sure what is more entertaining, Bailey never leaving Ryan's side during meal time or Ryan sharing his food with Bailey. Last night after I put Ryan to bed I heard this strange screeching sound coming from the kitchen. Tom wasn't home so to be honest I was a little scared, it sounded like someone was in the house. As I peaked around the bottom of the stairs there I found Bailey standing on his back paws with his front paws propped on the highchair and his head buried deep in seat licking all the small pieced of food that had fallen during Ryan's dinner. The screeching sound was the highchair rolling across the kitchen floor every time Bailey tried to get that last little morsel of food.
We had a wonderful day enjoying Easter with Bonnie and Jeff and the kids. I am soooo sad that my camera decided to freeze up Easter morning so I don't have any pictures of Ryan, our family or the amazing spread we fixed for dinner. We haven't had a true dinner party since my early prego days so all the gear came out this weekend. We even pulled out my Mom's china :)
Tom is busy looking for additional work and I continue to keep my options open. I maintain my faith that an opportunity to move closer to my family will present itself very soon. Of course we make the very best of our current situation and are extremely grateful that we both have work.


Nana said...

What is that? Red Licorice? Anyway, it does help with the clean up after meal time when you have a dog:)

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

I wish I had a dog to clean up my floor! But I did look down today and found a bird in my kitchen pecking away at crumbs! It startled me but then I realized how dirty my floor must be!

Jeni said...

haha that is so funny. nice bailey!

Julie said...

That is a riot!!!! I love Ryan's little red face. Cute cute cute!